The UNFCCC train continues

Next stop in six weeks time, was announced today.

From April 3-8 this next round of UN climate talks will take place at the UNESCAP conference centre in Bangkok, where senior officials will discuss the more technical details resulting from the climate summit in Cancún that was held at the end of 2010. At the top of the agenda is the future of the Kyoto Protocol and plans for a fund for poor nations badly exposed to climate change.

Some parties to the negotiations presently favour extending the Kyoto Protocol, that expires in 2012, over building a new climate treaty. Others even suggest we should reinforce the Montreal Protocol, the successful UN treaty for protection of the ozone layer, to also help mitigate climate change. According to estimates even stricter anti-CFC policy could help realise an additional GHG reduction of tens of gigatonnes of CO2 equivalents over the coming decades.

We’ll keep you up to date. In case you somehow lost track here are the five main results of Cancún.

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