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Real Global Temperature Graph - Stephan Okhuijsen for

Global temperature graph by Stephan Okhuijsen, comparing 1880-2016 monthly observed global temperatures (NASA GISS dataset), including annual and 30-year (centred) average to 3 differently defined values for the ‘Real’ Global Temperature – against a background of (rising) atmospheric CO2 concentration. Click image to see full resolution graph. Please link to original article at

influence solar cycle on winter 2011-2012

Explanatory infographic by Jorn van Dooren. Based on recent scientific literature and ongoing NASA sunspot observations, chances of having a cold weather scenario in the European winter of 2011-2012 are slim. Climate | Geoscience | Science Communication

world population 7 billion infographic | India

Illustrative infographic by Jorn van Dooren about birth of world’s 7 billionth inhabitant. With around 75,000 births per day India has the highest chance of any country to reach the population milestone. Demography | Resources

Population infographic Kate Snow
Explanatory infographic by Kate Snow. Population sizes of Russia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Indonesia for 2011 an 2031 – compared to respective land mass. Illustration for article about the three upcoming population giants. (Meanwhile the Russian population is in decline.) Demography | Resources

Trend spring summer 2011

Explanatory infographic by Jorn van Dooren showing presumed delayed effects from 2010-2011 La Niña and colder Atlantic Gulf Stream to witnessed 2011 Northwest-European weather extremes (early dry & sunny spring, early summer temperature peak followed by downpours) expressed in temperature and precipitation anomalies. Climate | Science Communication

Bits Of Science Infographic by Kate Snow

Conceptual science infographic by Kate Snow. Detail from larger work. Demography | Energy | Resources | Technology

Geoengineering infographic

Explanatory geoengineering infographic by Jorn van Dooren. Illustration to BOS article. Geoengineering | Climate | Science Communication

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