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The Bits Of Science news feed, which comprises only uniquely written articles, is brought to you by specialised science writers and science communicators, writing within their different personal fields of academic expertise.

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Cat Scott
Researcher and science writer specialised in Climate Modelling, Atmospheric Chemistry, Aerosol Science and Geoengineering.

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Jorn van Dooren
Science writer specialised in Biology, Nanotechnology, Biodiversity, Climate Change and Biobased Economy.

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Judy Keen
Science writer specialised in Biology, Biomedical research, Medicine, Biotechnology.

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Kate Snow
Graphic designer specialised in conceptual and explanatory science infographics.

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Rolf Schuttenhelm
Science writer specialised in Climatology, Meteorology, Ecology and Geoengineering.

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Stefan Engels
Researcher and science writer specialised in Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology and Quaternary Geology.

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Willem Koert
Science writer specialised in (Human) Biology, Sociology, health research, sports sciences and nutrition studies.
For Bits Of Science Willem Koert presents an exclusive series about the world’s approaching protein crisis, with a scientific comparison of old and new (plant and animal) proteins.

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