Photo of the day: Jaguar with cubs, Christmas card from Bolivia

Jaguar mother with cubs - Bolivia
The above picture of a female jaguar with two cubs was released by the Wildlife Conservation Society and shot in Kaa Iya del Gran Chaco National Park in Bolivia.

Ecologist have regularly spotted the mother (and named her Kaaiyana) and the jaguar cubs for over a month now. According to WCS the successful family story shows conservation measures can be effective:

“At more than 34,400 square kilometers Kaa Iya National Park is the largest protected area in Bolivia and safeguards the most expansive and best-conserved dry forest in the world. It is found in a transition zone between Chacoan and Chiquitano dry forest ecosystems and includes unique vegetation and rare wildlife such as giant armadillos, Chacoan titi monkeys, and Chacoan peccaries.”

“The creation of Kaa Iya in 1995 marked the first time in South America that a protected area was established through the initiative of an indigenous group, the Guaraní-Isoceño people.”

Of course there is also a reminder of bad news in good news. Earlier this year there was an official goodbye to a North American relative of the jaguar – the Eastern cougar. And unfortunately in 2011 that was not the only iconic species parting.

Meanwhile across the globe various big cats are in trouble and [as is the case with for instance sharks and wolves] due to ‘trophic cascade‘ that’s bad for entire ecosystems.

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