New infographic explains cloud geoengineering story

It first cost us thousands of words and various articles on cloud whitening geoengineering and presumed cloud climate feedbacks. But we feel these 8 Rembrandts might do a much better job at communicating some of the most confusing climate science:

Sulphur switch in algae new route to marine cloud geoengineering?

Marine bacteria produce two types of sulphur compounds as they eat dead algae biomass. The one, methanethiol, or MeSH, is cycled downwater into the food chain. The other forms a liquid aerosol, dimethylsulfide, or DMS. The latter plays an important … Continue reading

New cloud geoengineering research casts doubts: 70x less effective & smallest salt aerosols increase warming

Marine cloud seeding is one of the best documented geoengineering proposals. It is centred around the idea that some forms of clouds tend to have a net cooling effect on the Earth’s climate, by increasing albedo or reflectivity. Our regular … Continue reading

Today’s paradox: current Arctic ozone depletion sign of global warming

The WMO today reports rapid and record-breaking thinning of the ozone layer over the Arctic region over the course of this winter and early spring – with now 40 percent of it gone. Unusually low temperatures in the stratosphere, even … Continue reading