Flower biodiversity linked to CCD – bees on fast food are unhealthy, susceptible to pests

Just recently Colony Collapse Disorder was back in the news. Swiss scientists conducted an experiment to look into claims (even) cell phones may have something to do with CCD. They concluded bees don´t like the buzz. Most specialists however agree … Continue reading

Even cell phones may contribute to CCD

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is a textbook example of modern environmental challenges – not because of the potential gravity of pollination declines or an intrinsic fascination we may have for our stingy honey-producing friends – but because it shows ecological … Continue reading

Unravelling CCD: virus and fungus combinedly killing bees?

The mystery of Colony Collapse Disorder, a sudden die-off of bee populations that spread across the world since 2006, is slowly being solved. CCD may not have one single cause, but rather multiple factors adding up, including pollution and diseases … Continue reading